Recent: pet portrait on commission

Dierenportret-hond-Scruff-in-opdracht-21x30cm.jpgDog Scruf is drawn with pastel chalk on Pastelmat 21x30cm.

Recent assignment: Portrait of a Dachshund on a Christmas ball

Handbeschilderde_kerstbal_Teckel.jpgThis time was Dachshund Dorrez the lucky one to be painted on a Christmas ball. That look in his eyes, so sweet!

Portrait assignment: 4 hand-painted Christmas balls

Handbeschilderde_kerstbal_hond_in_uitvoering.jpgAll 4 baubles are painted with dog portraits. The last one is now almost finished. An order for Christmas, so still a secret.

Four dog portraits have been immortalized on silver christmas balls

I am very grateful and I find it very special to be able to make people happy with my portraiture in these difficult times.

The client wanted to surprise her husband with hand-painted Christmas balls with the portrait of their 4 dogs. And it was certainly a big surprise, her husband loved the balls!
These will also get a nice prominent place in the living room.

Kerstbal_Tatrahond_Serwa.jpgSerwa is a beautiful and sweet Tatra Sheepdog of 10 years old.

Kerstbal_Tarik.jpgTarik is a Husky Swiss Shepherd cross. A real rascal and clown in heart and soul.

Kerstbal_Tatrahond_Bjorn.jpgBjorn (deceased in 2018) was a stately Tatra Shepherd with a very serious character. A very special dog. 

Kerstbal_hond_Gizmo.jpgGizmo (died in 2009) was a naughty dog, long live fun.



Recently commissioned children's portrait

Pastelportret_15x21cm.jpgRecently I drew a number of nice baby and child portraits on commission. For this portrait on size 15x21cm we chose an anthracite-coloured background. The portrait itself is drawn in shades of grey. Then I applied some soft colour accents.


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