For sale

Vosje in pastel 30x40cm incl. lijst €125.jpg
"Fox"  Pastel 30x40 cm.

"Cat" Pastel 30x40 cm.

Flamingo, acrylverf schilderij, 50x70cm incl. lijst €275.jpg 
"Flamingo"  Acrylic painting  50x70 cm. 

Puttertje acrylverf
"Goldfinch" Acrylic  painting height 21 cm.

Bijeneters, acrylverf schilderij, 70x100cm incl. lijst €325.jpg
"Bee-eaters" Acrylic painting 70x100 cm.

IJsvogel acrylverf
"Kingfisher" Acrylic  painting (Sold)

Roodborstje acrylverf
"Robin"   Acrylic  painting (Sold)

Pestvogel acrylverf
"Plague bird" Acrylic painting 70 x 100 cm. 

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Berna Lamers
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