We came across Berna through a search on the internet. After very clear email contact, Berna sent us a draft. We agreed and we were very surprised with the beautiful end result. Really very bizarre, how beautiful the pastel drawing of our dog has become! Hugely happy! And also delivered quickly.

Glenn Rondhuis



Hi Berna,
I gave the birthday present and it has been super well received.
Nice to see the portrait on your site.
Thank you again for the great drawing. Great how beautifully you draw portraits in pastel.

Regards, Rick 



Hello Berna,
When my husband received his present he was speechless, he found it so beautiful.
Our grandsons, 2 and 3 years old, also said oh that's Indy right away.
So thank you again, it will get a special place in our living room.

Kind regards Anice (and Frank)



I am so very happy with this drawing in pastel. It was my last trip with Girly and Pablo to Austria together. It is really amazing how you have drawn every detail, no matter how small. Thanks Berna for another beautiful painting.




Berna has portrayed our 3 cats. And what a fantastic result! Like looking at a picture. Beautifully detailed and especially the eyes are very expressive and bring the drawing to life.
We have a beautiful work of art hanging on the wall that we enjoy every day. Berna is a real ART artist, a sweet, caring and passionate woman!

Jan and Marian Koolen 



Hello Berna,
I received the painting of our Sam for my birthday through my sister-in-law, Linda.
We had to put our Sam to sleep on Christmas Day and that is why the painting you made of him is very special to us.
You have put it in a striking way and we recognize it out of thousands.
Thank you very much for making this special portrait of Sam.




Dear Berna,
We have now received the Christmas ball with Gino on it. My girlfriend was moved to tears. He has become really beautiful.
Thanks for everything and maybe see you soon!



Hello Mrs. Lamers,
What a very beautiful drawing! Incredibly beautifully detailed and I recognized him immediately. Thank you for the time and effort you have put into this. I am very happy with it.




Dear Berna
As soon as we met you, we knew you have great capabilities.
We admired your work during one of your exhibitions and everything showed your excellent sense of detail, which is especially appealing in the images of loved ones.
We did not hesitate for a moment and immediately asked you to make a pastel drawing of our deceased dog Witchie.
The result is beautiful and therefore has a place of honor as shown in the accompanying photo.
All credit to Berna.

Herman and Linda Lucas



Dear Berna,
I received the christmas ball! Wow wow wow fantastic! I am absolutely baffled!!!
Thank you.

Kind regards,
Vanessa (Switzerland)



Dear Berna,
May I thank you again very much, also on behalf of my husband, for the beautiful Christmas bauble with our grandson on it, Denzel. Beautifully done.
Also 2 very happy parents, they were very wise with it. Highly recommended for anyone who has grandchildren. I also saw the pets you painted, very beautiful.

Margriet Giel.



Hi Berna,
My brother and sister-in-law were super enthusiastic and very happy with the painting.

Greetings Gerda



Hi Berna,
We have received the drawing, wonderful.
My husband is happy with it and that on Animals Day!
Thank you.

Regards, Carin



Made in 2016.
From our sweet cats by Berna.
Very nicely made we are very happy with it.

Gr Eef and Anita



Every week when the Rembrand program is on television I think of you! Why don't you participate? In the meantime I have already had five “Lamers” paintings drawn. Panther, Loes, Moor, Droppie, Winnie, Vlekkie and Snuitje look at me every day. No photo can beat that. You can draw them so aptly in character. Class.

Dear greetings Ellie


I came into contact with Berna Lamers through Facebook. As a gift I wanted to have my 4 dogs (of which 2 have died) on a Christmas ball. Berna did this amazingly well. The individual characters of each dog are captured on each of the baubeles. A wonderful result!

Conny Hendriks



Years ago, Berna already drew my dog ​​Lucky, a fond and lasting memory of my first dog.

This drawing is still so beautiful and striking that I did not hesitate for a moment to have my 2 current dogs Zoë and Timmie portrayed as well. And yes, they are striking again!And now I also have Zoë on a Christmas ball…. And again she seems to speak!!!
If I manage to take a nice picture of Timmie (he doesn't want to be in the picture so nice haha) he will also go on a Christmas ball….

I can really recommend you wholeheartedly, what beautiful portraits you make ?

Greetings, Alexandra



What a surprise. Received the beautiful drawing today. And made so super fast too.
I am going to give this drawing to my caregiver. Just a nice frame around it, so she can hang it on the wall.



Hi Berna,
Here the promised message!
My husband is very happy with it, he loves it!!
And it also looks very nice in the room.
Thank you again!!

Kind regards, fam. De Rooij



Hi Berna,
My husband received a present for his 60th birthday that he still looks at every day with great pleasure and that are 3 beautiful portraits of our treasures of grandchildren drawn by you ...
Thank you again for your wonderful work.

Greetings, Claudia


I came across Berna's beautiful work a few years ago..
I asked her to make 2 portrait drawings of my dachshunds.
In one word beautiful!! 2 years ago she also painted my dachshunds on Christmas balls for me. They shine on the table at Christmas!
She has now also drawn a portrait of my father on paper for me.
I find her work great, what a talent!




I found you by chance and when I looked at your work I was immediately convinced. You had to draw my Max. How special how similar you have drawn it in pastel! Really Max. I still enjoy looking at this painting every day.



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