How does it work?

Submite photos
I make the portrait on basis of a clear photo. It is very important that the photo is sharp and has the highest possible resolution. When your pet or loved one has passed away and you do not have nice clear photos, I will see if it is possible to make a nice similar portrait. Please send one or preferably several photos so that I have a good image of the pet or person.

Before I start on your portrait, we discuss your wishes for the portrait, such as choice of material, size and background color. During the process I will regularly send you photos.

Payment and delivery
Your assignment will be placed after a deposit of 10%. If you want the portrait for a specific date, please contact me in time. The average delivery time is 3 to 5 weeks. 

The remaining amount will be paid if you are completely satisfied with the portrait.  After receipt of payment, it will be carefully packaged and shipped by registered and insured.



A portrait drawing or painting


I work exclusively with professional drawing and painting materials. You can order a portrait in pastel, oil or acrylic paint. With each technique the portrait is built up in layers, which gives it more depth. The end result is a beautiful realistic portrait.



Pastel portraits will be made on special pastel paper with pastel chalk, pencils and cont√©. I draw portraits in colour, black and white and sepia (brown tones).When the portrait is ready, it is fixed with pastel spray. Because a pastel drawing is very fragile, it should be framed behind glass.


Oil portraits will be made exclusively with oil paint on a linen canvas. Each layer of oil paint needs a few days to dry. The delivery time is on average 2 to 3 months including varnish.



Acrylic portraits are painted with acrylic paint. You can have an acrylic portrait painted on a canvas or on 300 grams of prepared paper. A portrait painted on canvas is provided with a varnish layer upon delivery. A portrait painted on paper needs to be framed behind glass. 



Hand-painted Christmas balls are made of high-quality plastic with a diameter of 15 cm.
The portrait is carefully painted on a Christmas bauble with acrylic paint.

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