How does it work?

I prefer to work with clear digital reference photos that have a large file format. It is also possible to have a drawing or painting made of a passport photo. Passport photos often have a high resolution and are therefore very suitable. If your loved one has past away and you have no clear photos or the photos are of poor quality, then after consultation I will try to make a portrait drawing or painting using the available photos.
Ideally, i prefer to make an appointment to discuss the assignment together and to find the most suitable photo, but you can also email the photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The desired size of the work, the color of the background, and other important aspects. I will contact you as soon as possible.
Pastel drawing:

(Portrait) drawings are made on high-quality paper with pastel and pencils of the highest quality. The drawing can be in color, black and white or in sepia (brown tones) and size according to your wishes. I have a big variety of paper colors for you to choose from, and i'm always happy to help you choose or advice the most suitable color for the drawing. When the pastel drawing is finished, it will be treated with pastel spray and delivered with a passe-partout, and enclosed in a cardboard folder for protection. I can also frame the drawing for you, i have a variety of frames you can choose from, but i can also use a frame that you like and have chosen.
A pastel drawing must always be framed behind glass because of the vulnerability of this type of drawing, and to perfectly preserve the drawing for decades to come.

Delivery time for a pastel drawing is approximately four weeks.
Oil painting:

Oil paintings are painted on linen and treated with varnish twice. An oil painting is built up in several layers. Details can easily be added or changed on an oil painting. When the oil painting is finished, it will have to dry for another 3 weeks before being treated with retouching varnish. The retouching varnish allows oxygen to pass through, allowing the drying of the paint to continue unimpeded and the painting to be protected from dirt and dust. It takes about a year for the oil paint to dry properly on the linen. After that period the painting shall be treated once again with final varnish to preserve it, and to ensure it's longevity. For the final varnish you can choose from matte, gloss or high gloss.

Delivery time for an oil painting is approximately three months.
Hand-painted Christmas ball:

The Christmas balls are painted on the basis of a clear photo.
These Christmas balls are made of high-quality plastic and have a diameter of fifteen centimeters.
It can be further decorated with artificial snow and / or text of your liking.

It takes one week to create your hand-painted Christmass ball, depending on the amount of orders.
Payment and delivery:
When accepting an order, 10% of the purchase price has to be paid up front.
When the drawing or painting has been completed, you will receive an email with the photo of the completed work. At this time you can still request some adjustments to the drawing, if required. I will coninue to work and adjust the painting until it is perfect in both our eyes. You can also visist me at any time to view the progress or the final result.
After approval of the finalised work, the remaining amount will be paid.You will only have to pay the remaining amount if you are 100% satisfied with the end result, otherwise you do not have to take it. Upon receipt of payment, the drawing/painting will be carefully packaged and sent to you by registered mail.
If the drawing/painting is personally collected by you, cash payment will take place upon delivery.
Prices are excl. packaging and shipping costs.