Recent portrait

IMG 20210808 111616 01 01 01 01Dog portrait with pastels 15x21cm in commission.

A precious portrait


Portetten-in-pastel-70x90cm.jpgA while ago I received this special assignment. The client wanted a nice memory for the wall of her cat who recently passed away. She wanted to have a pastel drawing made on a big size of 70x90cm. The photo shows the sofa with cushions, but she preferred not to have them added. I omitted in the drawing. The background has been kept neutral, which you also see a lot in my portrait works. The drawing is framed with a nice wooden frame.


Work in progress

Portretten-in-uitvoering.jpgThe photo above gives a better idea of how large the portraits are drawn

Cat Christmas balls

Kerstbal-kat-Matisse.jpgThis year I started early on a special assignment from Belgium. In recent months I've regularly painted Christmas balls with portraits of cats,dogs and people. In connection with privacy I only post the Christmas balls of the pets. More hand-painted balls with pets coming soon.

Pet portrait Christmas ball

Handbeschilderde-kerstballen-honden-portretten.jpgA few weeks ago I showed some painted Christmas balls with cat portraits in my blog. Each animal portrait is hand painted on a ball. For this I only need a clear photo of the pet. Meanwhile, the dogs Borra and Estelle have also been immortalized on a Christmas ball.


Dog portraits in pastel

Dierenportret-hondjes-pastel-15x21cm.jpgDog portraits that I have made a while ago. Their owner has now received the drawings as a gift. Pastel on size 15x21cm incl. passepartout 21x30cm.

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