Hand-painted Christmas ball: Maltese Junior

Kerstbal-Maltezer-Junior.jpgI've started a new assignment. This time Maltese Junior is immortalized on a Christmas ball. When the portrait is painted on it, I always mail a photo to the client for approval. Then I apply further decoration as desired. I am regularly asked if it is a sticker. No, I paint the portrait by hand on the Christmas ball. So it's a really small piece of art! The Christmas ball is made of high-quality plastic and can take a beating.

End result: Hand-painted Christmas ball dog Luna




Today I continued working on the Christmas ball of dog Luna. I am happy with the end result. Do you also want your own pet on a Christmas ball? You can do this by sending a photo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Commissioned: pastel drawing dog Guus

Pastelportret-Guusje-A4.jpgI was able to make this portrait drawing with the French Bulldog Guus a while ago. The client wanted to surprise her husband with a beautiful drawing of their dear Guus. And we succeeded, her husband was pleasantly surprised with this beautiful drawing.

New: Christmas ball painted with the portrait of dog Luna


I'm almost done with the Christmas ball from dog Luna (winner Christmas ball Action 2019). Christmas bells with the text "Merry Christmas" will appear on the back. Around a border of artificial snow and above the portrait her name.

Completed painting Jimi Hendrix



The last time I posted an update of this acrylic painting 100x70 cm on my blog was in April. I could not post further updates because the gift would be given. I applied some gold oil paint to the background and the blouse, which is not reflected in the photo.
After varnishing the painting, it has been in my studio for a while. The painting has since been given as a gift to a person who is a big fan of Jimi Hendrix.