Drawing Scottish Collie

Dierenportret-Schotsecollie-Thijs-pastel-30x40cm.jpgThe portrait of Thijs was recently completed. Drawn with pastels 30 x 40 cm. The drawing is a keepsake.

A unique Christmas present

Kerstbal-Havik.jpgAt the moment I paint Christmas balls with portraits of people. Many of the painted Christmas balls are given as presents. Also this ball with a Hawk.

Portrait horse in progress

Paard-portret.jpgI'll show the end result soon.

End result portrait horse

Paard-pastel.jpgThe drawing of the beautiful horse Xanadu is finished. Made in commission as a keepsake, pastel chalk and pencil 21x30 cm.

Animal portraits as gifts

Pasteltekeningen_huisdieren.jpgFor this assignment I drew animal portraits in a different format than usual. The customers wanted to have the drawings made for the frame that they had supplied themselves. Together we selected the appropriate photos. Each pet portrait is drawn with pastel pencils on pastel paper 17 x 23 cm. The painting was recently given as a gift. The recipient was very happy with it.





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