New: Still life, oil on linen 24x18 cm

In addition to making portraits in assignment, I am happy to have some time for a new work. Still life painting, the first layer applied, oil on linen 24x18 cm. To be continued......

New artwork, oil on linen 45x70 cm


I started this new assignment last week. The first oil paint layer has been applied. A challenge to paint, because there are more than 40 different colors in this oil painting. To be continued.....

Recently completed hand-painted Christmas balls. Happy New Year!

Here you see the recently completed hand painted Christmas balls commissioned with the portraits of the cats: Mijkie, Spinner, Bram, Mimi, Timmie and Tommie.

"Merry Christmas": Hand-painted Christmas balls with photos as examples

"Merry Christmas": Hand-painted Christmas balls with the dachshunds Boy and Emie.