Portrait assignment Dog Sam


A few weeks ago I drew this animal portrait in commission with pastel chalk. A family member was eager to have a special birthday present made, as a precious memory of Labrador Sam who is sorely missed by his owner. Completely surprised, the pastel drawing was received last weekend.

This week: Pastel drawing canary `TjippieĀ“

Dierenportret-kanarie-Tjippie-in-pastel-30x40cm-ingelijst.jpg This week a special portrait drawing. This time from canary 'Tjippie'. Framed in a silver frame with passepartout 30x40cm, this drawing goes to a person who will be very happy with it.šŸ„°

Update: Pastel drawing dog 'Timmie'

Drawn portrait of dog Timmie completed

Dierenportret-hond-Timmie-in-pastel-40x50cm_-ingelijst.jpgI usually omit the foreground and background to make the pet stand out well on the drawing. But on this pastel drawing I have decided to draw it in, precisely because of the beautiful light.
Very satisfied with the end result. Framed with a black frame 40x50cm so that the drawing comes into its own.

Portrait drawing dog Timmie in progress

Dierenportret-hond-Timmie-in-pastel-40x50cm.jpgIt took a while but I started with the portrait drawing of dog Timmie. In consultation with Timmie's owner, I draw the portrait on gray Pastel mat with pastel chalk. For the fine details I use pastel pencils and contƩ. To be continued....