Small painting in progress

Schilderij-_acryl-15x15cm_2.jpgKingfisher with acrylic paint 15x15 cm.
Soon I will show the final result.

Animal portraits in pastel

Dieren-in-pastel-opdracht.jpgThe pastel drawing of the horses Kupido and Larsson with the dog Gadget has been completed. I worked on this assignment with great pleasure and love. In consultation with the client, the background has been adjusted by applying multiple pastel shades, which makes the portraits stand out more beautifully.

Hand painted Christmas ball with a child portrait

Kerstbal-kinderportret-Denzel.jpgThe last Christmas ball painted this year. This unique Christmas ball was a Christmas gift to the parents.

Pastel drawing in progress

Dieren-in-pastel-hond-paarden.jpgI am currently working on a new assignment. Two horses and a dog are portrayed together on a pastel drawing. The first horse Kupido and the dog Gadget are now finished. Today I started on the last horse portrait of Larsson. The animals from different photos are combined on one drawing. In consultation with the client, I first made a sketch before I started with the pastel drawing.

Drawing Sparrowhawk in pastel

Pasteltekening-Sperwer_mannetje_24x24cm.jpgThe wildlife drawing of the Sparrowhawk male is finished. Made the last details today. That look in his eyes .....

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