Wildlife drawing

Pasteltekening_Roofvogel.jpgStarted on a pastel drawing. To be continued ....

Recently completed: hand painted Christmas ball with pet portrait

Kerstbal-hondje_-Roxy.jpgRecently completed another nice assignment. Based on a photo this sweet dog named Roxy painted on a Christmas ball.

A unique Christmas gift! Portrait of your pet painted on a Christmas ball

Handbeschilderde_katten_kerstbal.jpgA nice surprise gift for Christmas! How does it work? You provide a good photo of your pet and I will make a unique Christmas ball.

Hand-painted Christmas ball on commission

Kerstbal-motorschip.jpgRecently completed a new challenge. Besides pets and portraits I also paint other subjects on a Christmas ball. Like this motor ship. It may be published, the Christmas ball has been given as a gift.

New: hand-painted Christmas ball with dog portrait

Handbeschilderde-Kerstbal-Zwiterse-sennen-hond-Barrel.jpgA Christmas ball painted with the portrait of Barrel, a beautiful Swiss Mountain Dog.

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