Pet portrait drawing

Buddy_pastel_30x40cm.jpgAnimal portrait drawn with pastel chalk on size 21x25 cm. The drawing was given as a precious memory.

Drawing in progress


Recently Completed: Drawing Spanish Water Dogs

Dierenportret-spaanse-waterhonden-Lara-Tess-pastel_50x60cm-opdracht.jpgThe customer wanted to have a portrait drawing made of their Spanish water dogs on the occasion of her husband's sixtieth birthday.
Not as easy as I thought with so much curly hair. So enjoyed working on this drawing!
Tess and Lara are drawn with pastel crayons on size 50x60 cm.


Drawing dog portraits in black and white

Dierenportret-honden-pastel-zwart-wit-_30x40cm-opdracht.jpgThe dogs Spot and Look are drawn with pastel chalk in black and white tones on size 30x40cm. First made a sketch on the basis of two different photos to determine the perfect composition of both dogs. A beautiful and thankfully assignment to make.

Pet portrait

Dierportret-hondje-Boelie-pastel-21x30cm-opdracht.jpgAnimal portrait drawn with pastel chalk 21x30 cm. Now this present has been given, I can show the pastel drawing of dog Boelie on my website.


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