Portraits in pastel

Portretten-Jubileum-30x40cm-in-pastel.jpgOften the assignments I receive are a gift for a birthday, as a keepsake or on the occasion of a wedding or anniversary. Based on the original wedding photo, I drew the portraits in sepia colors, which also fits nicely with a classic look.

Portrait of a Golden Retriever in acrylic paint

Dierportret-in-acryl-Golden-retriever-Paddy-30x40cm.jpgA nice next assignment completed in acrylic paint on size 30 x 40 cm. The client very much wanted to have an animal portrait made of her parents' dog. She wanted to give it as a present for their 50th wedding anniversary. Paddy is a sweet Golden Retriever of almost 5 years old and loves to cuddle, likes to find his own way when going out but listens well. Likes to be outside and likes the woods. 

1.jpgI built up the painting in thin layers of acrylic paint to give it more depth. The background is painted in abstract natural tones and the foreground is more detailed. I painted Paddy very realistically. The blurred background makes Paddy stand out nicely in the painting. A beautiful dog and a joy to portray!

Keepsake pet

Dierportret-in-pastel-15x21cm-_Suki.jpgMany of the assignments that I make are from pet's who past away. Recently I made this pastel drawing of beautiful cat Suki as a precious keepsake on size 15 x 21 cm.

Cat portrait in oil paint

Dierportret-olieverf-40x50cm-kat-Mickey.jpgThe client wanted to have a portrait of the cat Mickey made in oil paint, as a present for his future wife. In consultation, a taupe-colored background was chosen, so that Mickey is clearly present on the painting, which suits his character. He can be incredibly arrogant and feels like the absolute ruler of the house, but at the same time incredibly sweet and affectionate. At the age of four Mickey lost his left eye. That is a rather present characteristic of its appearance. A special cat with a great character to paint.

A special gift

Huisdier-Kerstbal-als-aandenken.jpgOver the past few weeks I have painted several Christmas balls with pet portraits. Also this sweet dog Jarko. The Christmas ball is given as a preccious memory.

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