New: Painting "Hawfinch"


Last week this acrylic painting 'Applefinch' was completed. This is the smallest piece of art so far of 6 inch incl. Frame. The applefinch is a particularly beautiful songbird.

Completed painting: Oil portrait of a lady from the knighthood

Fantasie-schilderij-45x70cm-olieverf-op-linnen.jpgI worked for over a year on this unique oil painting 45x70 cm. The painting is constructed in several layers of oil paint, creating more depth and details in the painting. I am very satisfied with the end result!

Portrait drawing Pug


This time I made a pastel drawing of a pug on A4. I opted for a light background. It is not an assignment, but for myself to show at an exhibition/art market.

Portrait drawing from a passport photo today

A short impression of the assignment I am currently working on. In consultation with the client, I draw the portrait with pastel chalk in sepia color (brown tones) on beige pastel paper.
A passport photo is usually clear but too small to be able to see the details properly. That's why I always scan the passport photo and print it out in a larger size. The details are then easier to see for me and very important to be able to draw a similar and beautiful portrait. To be continued......

The last hand-painted Christmas balls from 2019. We wish you a happy and healthy 2020!

Kerstbal-poes-Siessi.jpgCat Siessi

Kerstbal-Noorse-boskat-_Hummer_-_kopie.jpgCat Hummer


Kerstbal_-poes-Mispoes-achterkant_-_kopie.jpgMispoes came as a kitten 5 years ago in people's there garden and was lovingly raised by them. This couple was pleasantly surprised when they received this unique Christmas ball!