Recent animal portraits

Dierenportret-hond-Scooby-pastel-21x30cm-opdracht.jpgI hadn't posted the drawing of Scooby yet. I drew the portrait with pastel pencils on 21 x 30 cm.


Dierenportret-pony-pastel-30x40cm-opdracht.jpgI made this drawing as a keepsake in commission. Pony Roxy is drawn with chalk and pastel pencils on 30 x 40 cm.

Dachshund portrait

Dierportret-in-pastel-teckel-21x30cm-opdracht.jpgRaf's portrait is drawn with pastels and pencil, 21 x 30 cm. A beautiful dachshund with a very sweet character. The drawing was recently given as a gift.

Most recent commissioned animal portraits

Dierenportretten-acrylverf-40x40cm.jpgI recently made this winter scene in commission. Painted in size 40 x 40 cm with acrylic paint on canvas.


Hand painted Christmas balls





Portrait of a cat

Dierportret-pastel-Dexter-21x30cm.jpgA photogenic cat with a tough look. So nice to portray Dexter for the second time. Earlier I painted his portrait on a Christmas ball. This time Dexter has been immortalized with pastels on Canson paper.

Realistic dog portrait

Tervuerense_herder_pasteltekening_21x30_cm.jpgRecently received an assignment for a pastel drawing in size 21 x30 cm. The Tervueren Shepherd Doenja is a beautiful dog with a tough appearance. The eyes are the main focus of the portrait for me. These reflect the soul and character of the dog. On the photo her fur and tongue are lighter from the sun. I adjusted the colors while drawing and also omitted the background and shadow. On gray pastel paper, the portrait of Doenja comes beautiful into its own.

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